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The Magic Pebble

The Magic Pebble is a unique and small online community where like-minded magicians can exchange ideas and conversation. To be honest about it, there are no other forums for magicians quite like it.

If you're interested in joining The Magic Pebble, please be advised that this is a private forum and you must be sponsored by a current member before you can join. As such, most of our new members arrive here by invitation, meaning that current members tend to seek out and solicit new members rather than hopeful applicants coming to the forum to join.

In addition to having a sponsor, you must also 1) create an account on The Magic Pebble and 2) submit a brief write-up introducing yourself to the membership. Once your account is created and we've received your introduction, your sponsor will confirm your application, and the members will vote (members have 48 hours to vote). After the voting is concluded, you will be advised of the outcome.

So if you have a sponsor and you're willing to meet the minimum requirements, please continue on and follow the instructions very carefully. We look forward to hearing from you.

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