Welcome to the blockiest of the blocky block parties on the best block of all blocks.
It's not like any other get-together.
May 26 and 27, 2017 in Dallas, Texas!
P75? Has it been 75 wonderful years already?!

Man, it sure feels like it. And this will be another good one. As far as magic gatherings go, people know that Pebblepalooza is one of the best of all time, with an emphasis on close-up magic for the talented and slightly off-center. It all started with The Magic Pebble forum, which is where serious magicians go for some non-serious (and occasionally mind-blowingly thoughtful) magic convo. Well, it's only fitting that these folks want to get together in real time and Pebble it up for a weekend, too, and that's were we are, doing it for the 75th time. Kinda.

This is not a convention (although some people would say it's totally a convention). Imagine instead you guys all came to my house and by some miracle of class status and fanciful economics, it's big enough to accommodate everyone (as opposed to the shanty I live in now). Well, that's Pebblepalooza. A big sleepover. A house party. A hang. A slumber weekend. Whatever, just get your PJs and get out there.

We've had people come in from Korea, China, Spain, and even Louisiana just to play with everyone, so take that, Rand McNally. And this year we even have people making the trek from Scotland, so there's no reason you can't come know, wherever you are.

Every year, we ask four people to present and speak to the group and share their magic with you. Each day, Friday and Saturday, one takes the room in the afternoon and one in the evening (although this year, we have a little bonus for you). They may talk for a little while or for hours on end. They may have things to sell or not. But one thing's for sure; they're always great, because they're always dedicated artists who know what they're doing.

We may have fun bits where we can get up front and show stuff to the group. We may have a panel talk. We may all do the Safety Dance. Who knows? We're crazy that way. Whatever's fun is on the table.

The important thing is the hanging out with super magicians, friends all, sharing ideas, tricks, insults and jokes. That goes on all day, all night -- and then some.
Can I Come?

What? You mean you're not on the plane yet?

Okay. Here's the deal: This gathering is for members of The Magic Pebble, but non-members can also attend if invited by a Pebbler. Any member can invite as many as he or she likes; no voting is necessary. If you're a member inviting a non-member, please let me know up front so when I hear from the registrant, I'll know he or she is coming in good faith.

I'm calling on all Pebbleheads to invite and bring at least one non-member with you. Not only will this help pay the bills, but the more the merrier.

To keep things manageable, though, within the ability of the hotel, and intimate enough, we have a limit of 65 registrants. That's a 6 and a 5. And that's it.

When should I get there?

The event itself is officially Friday and Saturday, but there's no doubt that many will arrive Thursday and stay over until Sunday, possibly Monday or even longer. You never know with these knuckleheads, but they love to hang and do tricks. We'll only have the meeting room, though, for the two days. Everything else is lobby time. Bottom line, get there when you want. We'll see you there.
Okay, who's speaking?

We're extremely pleased and honored to have highly-respected magicians speak at P75. In no particular order:
Caleb Wiles

We thought we really needed a flavor of Hoosier this year, and Caleb fits the bill perfectly. This consummate gentleman performs very strong and enjoyable magic while somehow being pretty darned likable through the entire thing. His casual demeanor and charm were on full steam when he appeared on Penn and Teller's Fool Us, and he'll no doubt twist your brain a few times with his subtle routines. If you haven't seen him before, you're going to love his work.
  Glenn Morphew

Glenn Morphew is still pretty underground, although he's no stranger to the Pebblers, having been a member of the forum for some time now. Somehow, he manages to take moves we already know -- or even do -- and rethink them so he fools us with them. Then he plants them in his clever pieces that never fail to entertain. Glenn had to move a mountain or two to be in Dallas this year, and we're so happy to have him come down, and you'll see why when he works you over in the gentlest of ways all with just a hint of a smile.
Gordon Bruce

Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from Scotland, Gordon Bruce will be joining us this year. Eddie McColl made this possible and will accompany Gordon to Dallas. Gordon has an extensive history in magic, and his ideas have stimulated Vernon, Marlo, and every other great thinker of our time. We're so thrilled that he will be joining us this year, this modern Scottish legend.

Tyler Wilson in Lies Wide Open

That's right, you heard me. Tyler Wilson will be at P75, and he's graciously offered to do his one man show, Lies Wide Open, for his Pebbler friends! Don't miss this special performance of a unique show from a very tall and devastatingly sarcastic talented performer. There's no one quite like Tyler, no magic quite like his, and no weekend quite like this one, thanks to him. Everyone say thank you, and that you'll be there.

 Chris Korn

Stage, private parties, beach bungalows, and television series, from Burning Man to the Ritz, Chris has performed in and mastered them all. He can be raucous, dramatic, intense, or comical, and many have yet to appreciate that he's also a skilled sleight-of-hand practitioner. Hailing from California but spending more and more time in Europe, Chris constantly works his trade, and he plans a new talk that he'll introduce at P75.
Wow, this is great! How do I attend?

Ah, see...we're talking money now.

The registration for P75 2017 is $120. After May 4, this will go up to $150, so pick your poison.

If you have a Paypal account, open it up and send your payment to (if you send it as a personal payment -- friends or family -- all the better. I AM your friend, right?).

If you don't have a Paypal account, feel free to mail a check or money order made out to Lance Pierce, 4202 Ranch Drive, Edmond OK  73013.

If you'd like to use your credit card on a secure connection, please use the "Add to Cart" button below.

In any of these cases, if you're NOT a member of The Magic Pebble, please include with your payment the name of the member who invited you. Non-members may not attend without the invitation of a member of The Magic Pebble.


P75 will be at the Courtyard by Marriott, 15160 Quorum Drive, Addison, Texas 75001.

The group rate is $82/night until May 4. After May 4, any remaining rooms will be released back into the general inventory, will be subject to availability, and regular room rates may apply.

Book your reservation today! All you have to do is click here.


Fly into the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (OAG Code: DFW) or Dallas Love Field (OAG Code: DAL). Love Field supports fewer airlines but is easier to access and closer to P75.
For credit card payments, please use our shopping cart:

Price: $120.00

See you there!